Token workshop

blockdam token studio team working with the hague tech on community token design

With blockchain came endless applications for tokens: crowdfunding, access, loyalty, collaboration, netwerk effects, communication, etc. Many applications are probably yet to discover.

The creation and implementation of token models and tokenomics is a creative, intensive and complex process which demands input from multiple disciplines.


In our unique token design workshop we work with the blockchain and token professionals of BlockDAM Token Studio. We aim to co-create with a multi disciplinary team of the project or organisation the token is meant to serve. This is how good token models are born.

The BlockDAM Token Studio formulated ‘token design layers‘ based on years of experience with and research on blockchain and tokens. These layers form the basics of the workshop. The co-created result will come alive when we apply the token design layers on it at the end of the day.


The workshop will be adjusted to your needs, but will always be a full working day. In a follow up we can make the design specific on technical solutions and define or initiate further steps.

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Please also read this article written by The Hague Tech on Linkedin Pulse as reference: