paradigm shift

.....will you wait to be disrupted? or shall we start creating your blockchain future together? we move in swarm teams, thereby we have a deep understanding of business models, product design, Bitcoin, Komodo Platform, Ethereum, NXT/Ardor/Ignis & many more.


with our "blockchain in business" introduction we ignite creativity in your team. We'll guide you towards disruptive innovations.


we help you defining your roadmap, drafting your specifications and selecting your suppliers. We help you getting the best results.

project swarms

we form open expert teams. That’s swarm like organising skills around needs. It’s the optimal fit for your blockchain project.

our story

move|open is founded by Ruud de Rooij and Bart van Maarseveen, both with 20+ years experience in internet and open source. Bart and Ruud have a different approach when it comes to talent. Talent tends to work more freely in open ecosystems nowadays. Bart and Ruud decided they would organise talents in swarms around thrilling projects. We call it open expert teams.

open expert teams are swarms made of top professionals in open source, blockchain, digitale business models and concepts. They know each other, but do not always work in the same constellation. They are autonomous, involved, skilled and social. They work on projects that matter.

Stone-IT (De Rooij) and Outdare (Van Maarseveen) were active with open source software in times that even the term open source wasn't coined yet. De Rooij and Van Maarseveen draw experience from projects with customers like Marktplaats (E-Bay), Vos Logistics, Octrooicentrum NL, Gemeente Rijswijk, ICTU, Koninklijke Philips N.V. en Visser & Smit Hanab B.V..

Open software and open standards are fuelling innovation. Internet and blockchain with their open characteristics are responsible for the enormous online innovations yet to come. move|open experts will help you building and executing new concepts, so you can have maximum benefit from the opportunities that open source & blockchain bring.

about us

we know about blockchain. We help you defining your roadmap, drafting your specification and selecting your suppliers.
Ruud de Rooij
Ruud de Rooij
founder & advisor
Bart van Maarseveen
Bart van Maarseveen
founder & advisor

our personal approach

move|open is not a recruitment- or project agency. We help you to formulate innovation using blockchain insights and concepts. To make these innovations come alive we form teams, we select the best fit technology & service providers.

Our expertise is focussed on open & public blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Komodo platform and NXT/Ardor. This is where blockchain makes the difference we care about. We’re happy to explain why you should care too.

We have a huge network of open source & blockchain talents on which we build our knowledge and executing strength. During a project we’ll be your guide and advisor so you know that you get the best out of blockchain tech.

we make blockchain work for you